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I was looking at 30 years of being in debt. The deciding factor was cutting our debt from 30 years to 14 years, and maybe less, to 10 years. Most of us don't have the discipline to do it ourself. The stress is gone, the headaches are gone. We're not worried about our bills being paid now.

- James & April Cox

[This system] did exactly what it was supposed to do. They take the hastle out of it. This is going to save us over $300,000, and we're going to be paid off early.

- Greg & Candace McTwigan

We were trying to finance a new business and we realized that we needed to clean ourselves up. The people were wonderful! They were not only friendly, but they understood every situation that I brought to them. They did the leg work. It took the stress off of me so that I could run my business and do what I needed to do.

- Tonya Hendrix